Bioart Society privacy policy

The Bioart Society values privacy and believes itself to be fully compliant with the GDPR privacy protection laws. This page is designed to quickly answer any questions you might have about the processing of personal information involved in the Bioart Society.

Who is collecting this information?
Any personal information referred to in this privacy policy is being collected by Suomen Biotaiteen seura ry, a legally registered associtation based in Finland with the registration # 199.693.

When visiting this website
As you browse around this website, your personal information is neither collected nor is it made available to any third parties.

** Cookies
The Bioart Society website uses cookies and it is required for the website to be functional. NO PERSONAL DATA is stored in these cookies and nothing that identifies you or your computer (including your IP address) is recorded.

** No third-party resources not under our control
By default, this website only loads image files and media assets from a third-party server. This server is hosted within the EU and is fully compliant with GDPR regulations.

** Log files
The server that hosts this website stores log files for 7 days. Personal information may be recorded in these logfiles, such as a user's IP address, or a username that may appear in a URL. This processing of personal data is necessary for the purpose of preventing fraud, a legitimate interest of the data controller as defined by Recital 47 of the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR). Collection of IP addresses is obtained automatically by the webserver software and these logs are deleted after one week.

** Analytics
The Bioart Society does not use any analytics tools.

** Secure data transfer
This website transmits all data using HTTPS, encrypting all data between the browser and the server. Your network provider may still be able to see that you are loading files from, but not their content.

** Link referrers disabled
This website instructs your browser - through a machine-readable policy statement - not to tell other websites that you browsed there via a link on this website. While referrer data is not personal data, this site still keeps it private as it might help third parties profiling you

Besides the staff of the Bioart Society only data of invited guest bloggers and applicants of open calls are stored

** Guest bloggers
Guest Bloggers are required to provide a valid email address in order to provide content for the Bioart Society website and are required to enter a username and password in order to be uniquely identified across the site. Processing of this personal information is necessary for the purpose of preventing fraud, a legitimate interest of the data controller as defined by Recital 47 of the EU general data protection regulation (GDPR).

**Open Calls and email notifications
The Bioart Society website offers to apply to open calls for opportunities given by the Bioart Society. The information collected is the email address, true name, city of residence, CV, and some call-specific but not personal information, like a residency workplan. The Bioart Society website automatically sends out an email to the applicant if the application was successfully submitted. The applications are deleted after the selection process.

Exercising your rights
As described above, this website collects a very limited amount of personal data, and you are notified about that in advance. Still, under EU law it has to be explicitly stated here that you may at any time demand information on, or deletion and correction of that data.

** Information on all data stored about you
To request information about all data stored about your person, please get in touch.

** Deletion of all data stored about you
To request deletion of all personal data stored about you, please get in touch. The Bioart Society will remove the personal information about you in past activity logs and archival pages, replacing it with Xs. However, your personal information will still be stored in database backups for 30 more days.

** Correction of data about you
If there is any personal data about you that you believe needs to be corrected, please get in touch.

** File an official complaint
As an ultimate means to exercise your control over your personal data, in the EU you may always file a complaint with your national data protection authorities. The Bioart Society would still prefer to first hear from you personally, but including this sentence here is a legal obligation to ensure you know your rights.